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We offer 3 programs of study in Early Childhood Education/Child Care.  Students enrolled in early Childhood Education will take 3 classes per year (thus, every 12 weeks we will change classes unless students are in math class at the Career Tech Center).  Our Early Childhood Education Program consists of the following: The foundations class is Education and Training, Early Childhood Education I, and Early Childhood Education II.  Our Education and Training Program consists of the following classes:  Education and Training, Teaching I, and Teaching II.  Our Administration and Administrative Support Program  consists of the following classes:  Education and Training, Educational Leadership, Professional Support Services In Education and Education and Training Internship.  
Throughout the year, my students receive hands on education through participation in a laboratory school.  They learn to teach, create lesson plans, learn the developmental needs (cognitive, emotional, social, and physical) of children, practice responsibilities of this very rewarding career, practice technology to enhance a daycare center, etc.
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