Work-based learning/Cooperative education is a structured component of the Career Technical Education (CTE) curriculum that integrates classroom instruction with productive, supervised, work-based experiences/apprenticeships (paid) and internships (unpaid), related to students' career objectives. Content is planned for students through a cooperative arrangement between the school and employer as a component of work-based learning.

The purpose of Cooperative Education is to provide work-based learning experiences in approved training stations that typically cannot be obtained in the classroom.

Determination of Student Eligibility

  • Is at least 16 years of age
  • Is classified as an 11th or 12th grader
  • Is on track for graduation
  • Has acceptable attendance, grades, and discipline record.
  • Possesses the knowledge, skills, behavioral qualities, and abilities required for successful employment.
  • Successfully completed a minimum of one CTE credit
  • Has completed a cooperative education application for enrollment
  • Obtain a job prior to enrollment in cooperative education.

Work-based learning is a major component of career technical education. The work-based learning experiences build confidence in the school system, and provide benefits for the student, employer, mentor, school, and community.


400122 Cooperative Education I

400133 Cooperative Education II

400144 Cooperative Education III