Helpful websites for major/career decisions
The following are search sites that will aid you in the process of selecting a college major and field of interest.
This Web site recommends five majors for the student to consider, offers information about the major and the kinds of jobs the majors lead to, and provides helpful links to resources that can inform a students's understanding of what it takes to succeed in a particular major.
Most of the site encourages educaton options and career development. Personalities and career options are based on the six types: realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional.
This Web site offers a college search quiz that generates a list of possible colleges and unversities based on an area of study, possible location, tuition range, school type; and minority representation.
This website offers career interest inventory tests, aptitude test and many other tests and assginments to help for students to use to help them learn more about what careers and interests may be good for them. the website also offeres career desriptions, resume builder, financial aid assitance, and college and career preparation among many other things. Students will need an activation key to sign in if they have never sign on before. All career technical students should have a username and password already. If a student needs their password they will need to see thier school counselor.