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93951100 Introduction to CAI

93951101 Safety Practices

93951102 Training Equipment Familiarization

93951103 Metric Notation

93951104 Voltage and Current

93951105 Resistors

93951106 Switches, Fuses & Circuit Breakers

93951107 Tools for Electronic Troubleshooting

93951108 Schematic Diagrams
Multimeter Measurements

93951201 Magnetism, Relays and Meters

93951202 Introduction to Multi-meters

93951203 Multi-meter Use

93951204 Voltage Measurements

93951205 Current Measurements

93951206 Resistance Measurements
Basic DC Circuits

93951301 Ohm's Law and Power

93951302 Series Circuits

93951303 Series Circuit Troubleshooting Theory

93951304 Series Circuit Troubleshooting Experiment

93951305 Series Circuit Troubleshooting Practice

93951306 Parallel Circuits

93951307 Parallel Circuit Troubleshooting Theory

93951308 Parallel Circuit Troubleshooting Experiment

93951309 Parallel Circuit Troubleshooting Practice

93951310 Series‑Parallel Circuits

93951311 Series‑Parallel Circuit Troubleshooting Theory

93951312 Series‑Parallel Circuit Troubleshooting Experiment

93951313 Series Parallel Circuit Troubleshooting Practice
Complex DC Circuits

93951401 Voltage Divider Circuits

93951402 Bridge Circuits

93951407 Introduction to Kirchhoff's Voltage and Current Laws

93951403 Kirchhoff's Voltage and Current Laws

93951404 Norton's Theorem

93951405 Thevenin's Theorem

93951406 Multimeter Loading



Introduction to AC

93952101 Alternating Current

93952102 Generating Electricity

93952103 Non‑Sinusoidal Waves

93952104 Resistance in AC Circuits
AC Test Equipment

93952201 Introduction to Oscilloscopes

93952202 Oscilloscope Use

93952203 Introduction to the Function Generator

93952204 Function Generator Use

93952205 Introduction to the Frequency Counter

93952206 Frequency Counter Use

93952207 Oscilloscope Use

93952208 Introduction to the Function Generator (444).

93952209 Function Generator Use (444)

93952210 Introduction to the Function Generator (4040).

93952211 Function Generator Use (4040)
Inductance & RL Circuits

93952301 Introduction to Inductors

93952302 Inductor Identification

93952303 RL Series Circuits

93952304 RL Series Circuit Operation

93952305 RL Series Circuit Troubleshooting Experiment

93952306 RL Series Circuit Troubleshooting Practice

93952307 RL Parallel Circuits

93952308 RL Parallel Circuit Operation

93952309 RL Parallel Circuit Troubleshooting Experiment

93952310 RL Parallel Circuit Troubleshooting Practice

93952311 RL Filters
Capacitance and RC Circuits

93952401 Introduction to Capacitors

93952402 Capacitor Identification

93952403 RC Series Circuits

93952404 RC Series Circuit Operation

93952405 RC Series Circuit Troubleshooting Experiment

93952406 RC Series Circuit Troubleshooting Practice I

93952407 RC Series Circuit Troubleshooting Practice II

93952408 RC Parallel Circuits

93952409 RC Parallel Circuit Operation

93952410 RC Parallel Circuit Troubleshooting Experiment

93952411 RC Parallel Circuit Troubleshooting Practice I

93952412 RC Parallel Circuit Troubleshooting Practice II

93952413 RC Filters

RC Time Constants and Transients

93952501 RC and RL Time Constants

93952502 RC Time Constants Operation

93952503 RC Circuit Transient Analysis

93952504 RC Circuit Transient Experiment

93952505 RC Circuit Transient Troubleshooting Experiment

93952506 RC Circuit Transient Troubleshooting Practice I

93952507 RC Circuit Transient Troubleshooting Practice II

93952601 Capacitive/Inductive Reactance and LCR Circuits

93952602 LCR Series & Parallel Circuit Experiment

93952603 LCR Circuit Troubleshooting

93952604 Series Resonance

93952605 Series Resonant Circuits

93952606 Parallel Resonance

93952607 Parallel Resonant Circuits

93952608 Resonant Circuit Troubleshooting Experiment

93952609 Resonant Circuit Troubleshooting I

93952610 Resonant Circuit Troubleshooting II

93952701 Introduction to Transformers

93952702 Transformer Operation

93952703 Troubleshooting Transformers
Relays and Switches

93952801 Relays

93952802 Relay Operation Experiment

93952803 Troubleshooting Relays and Switches

93952804 Electrical Circuits

93952805 Electrical Circuits Experiment

93952806 Electrical Circuits Troubleshooting



Diodes and Diode Circuits

93953101 Introduction to Diodes

93953102 Junction Diodes

93953103 Junction Diode Operation

93953104 Junction Diode Troubleshooting Experiment

93953105 Junction Diode Troubleshooting Practice

93953106 Diode Limiter Operation

93953107 Diode Clamper Operation

93953108 Limiter and Clamper Troubleshooting Experiment

93953109 Limiter and Clamper Troubleshooting Practice

93953110 Electron Tube Principles


Transistor Circuits


93953201 Introduction to Transistors

93953202 Transistor Operation

93953203 Introduction to Transistor Amplifiers

93953204 Common Emitter Amplifier

93953205 Common Emitter Amplifier Experiment

93953206 Common Collector Amplifier

93953207 Common Collector Amplifier Experiment

93953208 Common Base Amplifier

93953209 Common Base Amplifier Experiment
Power Supplies

93953301 Introduction to Power Supplies and Diode Rectifiers

93953302 Full- and Half-Wave Rectifier Operation

93953303 Bridge Rectifier Operation

93953306 Introduction to Voltage Regulators

93953307 Zener Diode Operation

93953308 Zener Diode Regulator Operation

93953309 Voltage Regulator Operation

93953310 Voltage Regulator Troubleshooting Experiment

93953311 Voltage Regulator Troubleshooting Practice

93953312 IC Regulator Operation

93953313 Voltage Doubler Operation
Transistor Amplifiers

93953401 Multistage Transistor Amplifiers

93953402 RC Coupled Transistor Amplifier Operation

93953403 Push‑Pull Amplifier Operation

93953404 Multistage Amplifier Troubleshooting Experiment

93953405 Multistage Amplifier Troubleshooting Practice

93953406 Field Effect Transistor Amplifiers

93953407 FET Amplifier Troubleshooting Experiment

93953408 FET Amplifier Troubleshooting Practice

93953409 Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET)
Transistor Oscillators

93953501 Introduction to Sine Wave Oscillators

93953502 Hartley Oscillator Operation

93953503 Colpitts Oscillator Operation

93953504 RC Phase Shift Oscillator Operation

93953505 Crystal Controlled Oscillator Operation

93953506 Sine Wave Oscillator Troubleshooting Experiment I

93953507 Sine Wave Oscillator Troubleshooting Experiment II

93953508 Sawtooth Generator Operation

93953509 Blocking Oscillator Operation

93953510 Non-Sine Wave Oscillator Troubleshooting Experiment

93953511 Non-Sine Wave Oscillator Troubleshooting Practice
Transistor Pulse Circuits

93953601 Introduction to Multivibrator Circuits

93953602 Astable Multi-vibrator Operation

93953603 Mono-stable Multi-vibrator Operation

93953604 Bitable Multi-vibrator Operation

93953605 Multi-vibrator Troubleshooting Experiment I

93953606 Multi-vibrator Troubleshooting Practice

93953607 Schmitt Trigger Operation

93953608 Schmitt Trigger Troubleshooting Experiment

93953609 Schmitt Trigger Troubleshooting Practice
Trigger Device Circuits

93953701 Introduction to Trigger Devices

93953702 Unijunction Transistor Oscillator Operation

93953703 SCR Trigger Circuit Operation

93953704 SCR Power Control Operation

93953705 SCR Trigger Circuit Troubleshooting Experiment

93953706 SCR Trigger Circuit Troubleshooting Practice

93953707 Triacs, Diacs, and Four-Layer Diodes

93953708 Programmable Unijunction Transistors
Operational Amplifiers

93953801 Introduction to Operational Amplifiers

93953802 Operational Amplifier Operation

93953803 Operational Amplifier Troubleshooting Experiment

93953804 Operational Amplifier Troubleshooting Practice
RF Electronics

93953901 Introduction to AM Receivers

93953902 AM Receiver Operation

93953903 AM Receiver Troubleshooting




Introduction to Digital Circuits

93954101 Introduction to Digital Electronics

93954102 Digital Electronics Hardware

93954103 Buffers and Inverters

93954104 Digital Test Equipment

93954105 555 Timer

93954106 Introduction to Integrated Circuits

93954107 Electrostatic Sensitive Devices
Digital Logic Functions

93954201 AND Gates

93954202 OR Gates

93954203 NOT Gates

93954204 NAND Gates

93954205 NOR Gates

93954206 XOR and XNOR Gates

93954207 Introduction to Logic Functions
Combinational Logic Functions

93954301 Introduction to Combinational Circuits

93954302 Logic Families

93954303 Number Systems

93954304 Base 10 to Binary Conversion

93954305 Binary to Seven Segment Conversion

93954306 4-Bit Comparator



Flip‑Flop Circuits

93954401 Introduction to Latches and Flip‑Flops

93954402 RS Flip‑Flop

93954403 Clocked RS Flip‑Flop

93954404 D‑Type Flip‑Flop

93954405 J‑K Flip‑Flop

93954406 Master Slave Flip‑Flop
Register Memory Circuits

93954501 Introduction to Registers and Memory

93954502 4 Bit Storage Register

93954503 4 Bit Shift Register

93954504 8 Bit Shift Register

93954505 64 Bit Memory Circuit
Arithmetic Counting Circuits

93954601 Introduction to Arithmetic Counting Circuits

93954602 Ripple Counter

93954603 Up Counter

93954604 Down Counter

93954605 4 Bit Adder

93954606 4 Bit Subtractor
Conversion and Data Circuits

93954701 Introduction to Conversion and Data Circuits

93954702 D/A Conversion

93954703 Data Selector Circuits

93954704 Data Distributor Circuits



Introduction to Digital Circuits

93954A01 - Introduction to Digital Electronics

93954A02 - Digital Electronics Hardware

93954A03 - Digital Test Equipment

93954A04 - Introduction to Integrated Circuits

93954A05 - Electrostatic Sensitive Devices
Digital Functions

93954B01 - Buffers and Inverters/NOT Gates

93954B02 - AND Gates

93954B03 - OR Gates

93954B04 - NAND Gates

93954B05 - NOR Gates

93954B06 - XOR and XNOR Gates

93954B07 - Digital and Analog Switch
Combinational Logic Functions

93954C01 - Introduction to Combinational Circuits

93954C02 - Logic Families

93954C03 - Number Systems

93954C04 - Base 10 to Binary Conversion

93954C05 - Binary to Decimal Conversion




Flip-Flop Circuits

93954D01 - Introduction to Latches and Flip-Flops

93954D02 - RS Flip-Flop

93954D03 - D-Type Flip-Flop

93954D04 - JK Flip-Flop
Register Memory Circuits

93954E01 - Introduction to Registers and Memory

93954E02 - Serial Shift Registers

93954E03 - Parallel Shift Registers

93954E04 - 64-Bit Memory Circuit
Arithmetic Counting Circuits

93954F01 - Introduction to Arithmetic Counting Circuits

93954F02 - Ripple Counter

93954F03 - Binary Up Counter

93954F04 - Binary Down Counter

93954F05 - 4-Bit Adder

93954F06 - 4-Bit Subtractor
Conversion and Data Circuits

93954G01 - Introduction to Conversion and Data Circuits

93954G02 - D/A Conversion

93954G03 - A/D Conversion




9395C101 Cables, Connectors, and Tools

9395C102 Single Wire Assemblies

9395C103 Flat Satin Cable Assemblies

9395C104 Cabling Standards and Categories of Performance

9395C105 Twisted Pair Cable

9395C106 Multi-Wire Cable

9395C107 Coaxial Cable




9395C509 - Soldering Safety and Electrostatic Sensitive Devices

   9395C501 - Solder and Soldering Equipment

9395C502 - Wire Stripping, Tinning, and Splicing

9395C503 - Terminal Types and Connections

9395C504 - PC Board Types and Manufacturing Methods........................ Solder Project

9395C505 - Through-Hole Non-Polarized Component Soldering &

                        Desoldering.................................................................................. Solder Project

9395C506 - Through-Hole Polarized Component Soldering....................... Solder Project

9395C507 - Soldering Surface Mount Devices.......................................... Solder Project

9395C508 - Coax Cable Connectors








9395T601 Introduction to Communication Systems

9395T602 Telephone Systems-

9395T603 Telephone Equipment




9395T610 Introduction to Telecommunications

9395T605 Types of Telecommunications Careers

9395T606 History of Telecommunications

9395T607 Special Interest Groups

9395T608 Telecommunications Terminology

9395T611 Connection Links

9395T612 Introduction to Network Switching

9395T613 Broadcast Systems

9395T614 Spread Spectrum Modulation

9395T615 Cellular Telephony

9395T616 Information Systems

9395T617 Satellite Systems




9395T401 Introduction to Fiber Optics

9395T402 Fiber optic Applications

9395T403 Introduction to Lasers

9395T404 Fiber optic Cable Connections

9395T405 Fiber optic System Troubleshooting





9395A201 Introduction to Fiber Optics

9395A202 Fiber optic Components

9395A203 Signal Transmission

9395A204 Fiber optic Cable Connections

9395A205 Fiber optic System Troubleshooting





9395P301 The Personal Computer

9395P302 Operating Systems

9395P303 The System Case and Power Supply

9395P304 The Motherboard

9395P305 The CPU

9395P306 Computer Memory

9395P307 Input/Output and Interfaces

9395P308 Expansion

9395P311 Applications

9395P401 The Network

9395P201 Introduction to the Internet

9395P202 Internet Requirements & Options





Basic Math

93950101 Adding and Subtracting

93950102 Multiplying and Dividing

93950103 Fractions

93950104 Fraction Operation

93950105 Decimal Fractions

93950106 Signed Numbers

93950107 Percents

93950108 Exponents and Square Roots

93950109 Metric Notation

93950201 Fundamentals of Algebra

93950202 Linear Equations

93950203 Solving Linear Equations

93950204 Exponents and Monomials

93950205 Polynomials

93950206 Factoring Polynomials

93950207 Roots & Radicals

93950208 Graphs

93950209 Systems of Linear Equations

93950210 Introduction to Statistics



93950301 Fundamentals of Trigonometry

93950302 Trigonometric Functions

93950303 Graphing Trigonometric Functions

93950304 Trigonometric Identities

93950305 Angle Formulas

93950306 Inverse Trigonometric Functions

93950307 Applications of Trigonometry

93950308 Graphing Polar Equations

93950309 Conic Sections: Circles and Parabolas

93950310 Conic Sections: Ellipses and Hyperbolas

93950401 Fundamentals of Calculus-

93950402 Limits-

93950403 Limits: Continuity and Infinity

93950404 Derivatives

93950405 The Chain Rule

93950406 Additional Differentiation Methods

93950407 Applications of Derivatives

93950408 Integration

93950409 Definite Integrals

93950410 Applications of Definite Integrals


Computer Math

93950501 Fundamentals of Computer Math

93950502 The Binary System

93950503 Octal and Hexadecimal System

93950504 Logic Expressions

93950505 Boolean Algebra

93950506 Gate Networks

93950507 Simplifying Boolean Equations

93950508 Karnaugh Maps

93950509 Algorithms and Flowcharts

93950510 Sequences and Matrices

93950601 Introduction to Linear Measurements

93950602 Metric and Scientific Conversions

93950603 Angular and Circular Measurement

93950604 Area Measurements

93950605 Volume Measurements

93950606 Velocity and Acceleration

93950607 Force Measurements

93950608 Work and Power Measurements



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